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[11 Oct 2005|03:23pm]
New LJ. Add me. Now.
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And the moral of the story is: [09 Oct 2005|08:51pm]
If you listen to Les Miserables continuoussly for God knows how many hours, you start thinking in French.

Alex Fleming, remind me that I have a picture I want to send you if you're still doing your picture collage wall.
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[09 Oct 2005|07:21am]
Homecoming dress?
I'm all over it.

I think I might return to church tonight.
I haven't been in.... oh, forever.
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[28 Sep 2005|02:59pm]
A warning: If you're on the phone with someone who's crying, don't tell them that a bad day isn't the end of the world. Because that will piss them off.

It's true.
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[26 Sep 2005|02:38pm]
Things my day consisted of:

Molecular molecule dogs
A friend's birthday
Taking pictures
Making a cake for said friend
Eating said cake for said cake
Yummy Yogurt
And a boyfriend ♥
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[24 Sep 2005|07:49pm]
Remember when Tyler and Casey and Brian and some other guys put on dresses and wigs and heels and sang I Touch Myself for PL Coffeehouse like 2 years ago and I laughed so hard I cried?

Because I just did.
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[18 Sep 2005|06:31pm]

Don't even pretend like you don't know what it is. Bradley, you guys are my heroes.
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[15 Sep 2005|02:41pm]
This has been the most insane second week of school I think I've ever experieced. And that's worrying me. The fact that I spent a little over 4 hours on homework last night plus waking up early to finish reading and still had some stuff I have to do worries me a little more. I know that those of you already on to higher education are probalably chuckling and saying to yourselves, "I remember my junior year..." You should stop. It'll make me upset.

Brittany is also leaving tomorrow at like 4:30 in the morning which makes me sad. Like... it really does. I didn't really care while she was here. She was my sister. We fought, we bitched at each other, and I thought about how relieved I would be to have the house to myself. But going into her room and seeing nothing but the bed, the bookcase and her desk and then coming out into the living room and see the total of her worldly posessions sitting in neat piles ready to be packed almost makes me want to cry. Yeah. It's sad.

This weekend should be fun. Dane's party Saturday night and then Sunday should prove to be interesting.

So. Here's to the weekend. And a late start day tomorrow.
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[06 Sep 2005|06:28am]
High School: Round Three.
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[25 Aug 2005|01:05pm]
1 Honors Bio - Asakawa
1 AP English - Boyd
3 Honors Pre Calc - Griffith
4 Womens Ensem - Rubin
5 AP French - Svidal
6 AP US History - Ihlbrock

Honors, AP, Honors, Elective, AP, AP

And my mom said I wasn't going to have a difficult year.
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[13 Aug 2005|06:44pm]
So it looks like I start learning to drive a stick tomorrow.
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166. Ouch. [09 Aug 2005|08:58pm]
May I take this opprotunity to say that I need to get a life?Collapse )
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[07 Aug 2005|06:42pm]
Don't talk about things you know nothing about. Because it just makes me more upset.

I just came back from a family reunion. I have a crazy alcoholic family. Watching my cousins see who can drink more... really touches my heart. No drinking for Alyssa, though. I'll stay OUT of the Betty Ford, thank you very much.
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[04 Aug 2005|01:52pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Do it.

Today, I went to Paris, Egypt, Nepal, Portugal, India and the North Pole among other places. They're all really pretty.


I still need an audition song. Look at the last post for more on that.

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[03 Aug 2005|04:59pm]
NEEDED: 1 minute audition song.
Mezzo Alto-ish is better.
Soprano is death.

So... I need a song. I need help choosing or even thinking of a song. This is when all you theatre people here come in handy. Help?

EDIT: I guess people want to to be more helpful. It should be upbeat-ish. It's for Zombie Prom for anyone who's slightly familiar with it. I don't care really about what part I get. Anything else?
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Yarr [02 Aug 2005|08:08am]
Yesterday was bad. The boyfriend went and got grounded for a week. Right after I finally get done with crazy rehersals. Ah well. We'll just have to deal.

On the upside, Bix called me last night and we went down to Starbucks and hung out and talked and acted nostalgic. It was so nice getting to see and talk to that kid after like... a year of pretty much no contact. Twas exciting to the max.

Today, I guess, I'm just puttin around at home and then going to my dads and play with the puppy. Anything else? Call me if you want to play, for sure.
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Opening night [31 Jul 2005|07:48pm]
Opening night went really well. Except, for, you know, the fire alarm going off like 3 times. I think Tony got the right idea about tearing the fire alarm system out. Who cares that it's illegal. At least we can use a butt load of fog and not worry about Anthony's song getting cut off. Besides that, it went well. Did all the costume changes without one torn or not fully buttoned/zipped article of clothing. PLUS I got to see the amazing Julia, Ryan, Karli, Ferril, Erin, Darcy, and even Kyle Porter, all of who I haven't seen in a million and a half years. So, it definitely made my evening. Plus, an evening at Corvettes with cast, crew, some random college students, and Dane. I ask you, how could it have been any better? Maybe if Collin hadn't thrown the ice cube down my shirt, but hey, at least he made it.

Saturday was it's usual slowness. Seth fell but steady himself. Stephanie fell and... I don't know what happened after that. I left early because I hate waiting for people to decide that it's time for them to take off their wigs after talking to people forever.

Today was good. Does anybody else agree that Jacob Sampson is a P.I.M.P? Because, I'm seeing it a lot more these days.

Now I'm tired. And restless.

And you should all come see Beauty and the Beast if you haven't already. Tis good.

EDIT: I'm on Kelly Dreyer's Senior Board. Do you know how happy that made me? I'm going to miss that girl.
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It's been too long. [27 Jul 2005|11:41am]
[ mood | content ]

Whoa. Long time since I've last updated.

Rehersals for Beauty and the Beast started for me this week, really. With a few exceptions, it's been amazing. Those stupiid fog machines though... breathing in that fog by product can't be good for the lungs. It's really great getting back into JT again. It's been forever and a half. But even these past 2 days have reminded me WHY I love being there so much. A downside, however is that with our crazy schedules, I haven't seen Dane in like... 4 days. Which is upsetting. But, no matter. I can't wait for opening Friday night. If any of you get the chance, you should most definitely check it out. It's pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. It's so weird being back at costume and makeup. I mean, when I put wigs on some people, it's like deja vu. You know, sitting there pin curling Alex's hair and I'm just like "Damn, I've totally done this before." and thinking about how this is how I met like... half the people in the cast. It's just... weird.

I'm going to miss the seniors oh so much. I did last year, I did the year before, I definitely will this year. Next year... I'm going to be a complete mess. That's just losing so many people... AH don't want to think about that. No no no.

Some good news, I found my digital camera last night which I thought I lost a long time ago. Yesss. Time to lock these memories into FOREVER.

In other news, I think it's amazing how long I can run on 4 hours of sleep. Let's just hope I don't DIE by the end of rehersal.

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The 4th [05 Jul 2005|07:32pm]
I had a wonderful 4th of July.
Camp is going to be interesting.
I said some mean things to Dane.
I shouldn't have said them.
And now I feel kinda pretty upset.
5 days till he gets back?
2 day till I'll be able to talk to him again?
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[04 Jul 2005|07:29am]
4th of July.
Hanging out with Stephy.
Getting a suprise??
I can't wait!

I must say that I greatly agree with Julia in her thought of "I love my country because I am allowed to hate it." Yes. Very much so.

Now... other things to do.

OK, anonymously post a time that we have spent together that made you happy. Whether it be one moment or a entire day, etc. Then I will guess who you are and post a time spent with you that made me happy. :o)

P.S. You should put this on your LJ for others to do for you. Happy smiling remembering good times.
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